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Webster Wellness - Where patient's are made to feel like family.




About Webster Wellness


Webster Wellness is founded by Lisa Wakefield. The name Webster Wellness is inspired by her late mother Lorraine Webster, who was always helping someone in need. Today Lisa is determined to help those in need and give honest, affordable, quality healthcare. She believes a patient should receive the highest care at a price that is affordable and fair.  

Webster Wellness is a mobile practice that comes to you. We provide medical services in the place you feel most comfortable, your home. We offer telemedicine, in home physicals, well checks, prescription refills, specialty referrals, in home blood draws, and imaging referrals. At Webster Wellness we put our listening ears on so that we hear exactly what it is you need so that we may provide the best care possible. Lisa has over 20 years of healthcare experience and she wants to share that experience with you. Webster Wellness wants to make you an intricate partner in your care. In working together with each other we will be able ensure you have the best healthcare team working for you, because who knows you better than you? 


At Webster Wellness we are excited to put together the perfect healthcare plan to get you living your best healthy life!

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